Complete Environmental Sensing

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Complete Environmental Sensing

ChemiSense’s environmental sensors cover every major factor of air quality. No other sensor until now has been able to provide meaningful information on so many different levels.

Advanced Software

By treating every sensor as a connected device, we create distributed sensor networks that provide real-time information and analytics. And that’s just scratching the surface.

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Proprietary Technology

ChemiSense’s chemical and particle sensor technologies were developed internally by world-class engineers from CalTech, Princeton, and UC Berkeley.

Why Air Quality Matters

And What Our Devices Detect:

Pressure, Temperature, Humidity:

Pressure, temperature, and humidity (PTH) are often considered the most basic components that make up air quality. They have a strong ability to influence personal comfort levels, and are also important readings for sensitive groups.

Our devices use two independently operating PTH sensors — one based on analog circuitry and the other digitally based. This helps to insure the most accurate readings possible.

Chemicals: An Invisible Threat

Harmful indoor and outdoor chemicals are present nearly everywhere we breathe. Some of these chemicals may create immediate threats (such as carbon monoxide) while many others are invisible and odorless carcinogens that cause greater long-term health effects.

For the first time, our device combines a large detection scope with meaningful detection sensitivity levels. Click on any of the chemicals below to learn more about their health impacts.

Particulate matter (PM) can be divided into two main categories: less than 2.5 microns in size (only visible by high-power microscopes) and between 2.5 and 10 microns in size (less than 15% the size of a single human hair).

Together, PM 2.5 and PM 10 account for the visual aspects of air pollution and are especially dangerous because they are small enough to enter a human’s lungs. Click here to learn more.




Pollen & Mold


Dust & Dander


Smoke & Soot



Real-time Sensor Data and Comprehensive Analytics

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Where Our Platform Is Used

Homes & Buildings

With ChemiSense’s sensors, you can know the true quality of the air you breathe most often. If things are bad, we outline simple steps on how to take action. This helps to insure you’re living and working in healthy environments.

Oil & Gas

Fugitive emissions and early-leak detection are highly important for plant safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Through distributed sensor networks, we provide real-time environmental data and aggregate analytics.


Automobile manufacturers are currently taking efforts to purify the air coming into future car models. Our sensing platform is able to affordably and effectively communicate cabin air quality and automate relevant vehicle features.

Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Poor air quality can be a significant problem for patient health, especially those who are already ill or those with respiratory diseases. Our sensors ensure a clean environment, helping patients stay healthy and exit sooner.

Wearable & Mobile Sensing

Every day, outdoor air quality changes on a street-by-street basis. By crowdsourcing air quality information from wearable and mobile sensors, we help you proactively avoid unhealthy environments.

Data Centers

Data center HVAC systems are designed to constantly ventilate any chemical or particulate hazards and manage temperature. ChemiSense’s sensors introduce energy savings by automating each system according to real-time need.

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